Our Story

Welcome to Cafe Dodici, a restaurant with a mission to represent the essence of its own definition: “to restore”. The intended goal of Lorraine Williams, her Italian husband Alessandro Scipioni and Tsalika Drown is to offer more than simply a place to eat; they want to give the gift of good, wholesome food, served with the purpose of replenishing energy in an enjoyable and refined dining environment.

“Dodici” means “twelve” in Italian; but, more than just a random number, 12 plays a significant role in many areas of our day to day lives. For starters, sound is broken down into 12 vibrations of tone, which gives us music; how we tell time is based on 12 (12 hours in a day and 12 hours in a night), as well as the 12 months in a given year; our mode of measurement is structured around the number 12 (think of a common ruler); the cycle of out financial markets as well as the cyclical principles that govern our universe has been reduced to 12 at its most fundamental level. “12” happens to be a central theme in many areas of life from all over the world, including: Christianity’s 12 disciples, the 12 deeds of the Buddha, the 12 links of Causation depicted in the wheel of Samsara, the 12 spheres of mathematics, the 12 essential organs of the human body, as well as the 12 astrological signs! In essence, how we function, how we organize, and how we understand our everyday lives is a result of the ‘magic’ number 12.

Our restaurant’s goal is to be a fulfilling dining experience on every level. Food unites families, friends and people of all backgrounds around a table; it is food that keeps your body, mind and soul healthy, rejuvenated and happy. Café Dodici takes pride in the quality of its food; in order for us to enjoy the life essence of what we eat, we take particular measures to ensure that our foods’ natural, nourishing qualities are respected in the cooking process.

for starters, in the kitchen we use stainless steel cookware, a high quality metal for heavy kitchen work that does not share the same reputation as the commonly used aluminum cookware, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Water is a vital resource for the well-being of ones’ mind, body and soul. In order to promote water’s natural, nourishing qualities; Café Dodici only uses purified water in both its service and cooking processes.

Garlic, onions and salt have become many restaurants’ main three ingredients in recent trends. Although they are believed to heighten flavors of foods, they actually mask foods’ true essence and completely saturate your palate with only one flavor – sometimes for days! Frankly, the amount we are accustomed to eating has fooled us into expecting certain tastes in foods, yet these amounts are unhealthy for you. Our goal is to compliment our foods’ natural characteristics, rather than covering everything up. Therefore, we use very little salt, garlic and onion in our recipes.

Much time and energy has been devoted to the ambiance of our dining area. Lorraine consulted a Feng Shui Master in China to advise her on color and decor designs to create a harmonious dining experience for her guests. Café Dodici’s decor is a compilation of artwork and artifacts from around the world. For example, the two chandeliers were hand made and painted in Florence, Italy; there are paintings from India, China, Italy as well as Washington Iowa! On the south wasll, there is and oil painting of downtown Washington from 1907!

We hope you enjoy our mission to ‘Nourish the home of your soul‘.
Buon Appetito!


2 responses to “Our Story

  1. Sue McDowell

    May 20, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Cafe Dodici is a wonderful dining experience with the excellent nourishing food and the atmosphere and friendly personnel truly do delight and calm the body and spirit.

  2. Emile Wehr

    November 29, 2012 at 1:46 am

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