20 Sep


LUNCH served TUESDAY – FRIDAY 11am-2pm

BEVERAGES                Ice Tea, Lemonade & Pepsi Sodas 1.25; Coffee 2.00


ARTICHOKE &             With feta cheese, served warm with crunchy crostini bread for dipping 8.12

SUNDRIED TOMATO DIP                   

GOAT CHEESE TORTA Whipped mascarpone and goat cheese layered with garden-fresh basil                                                                pesto and sundried tomatoes with crunchy crostini bread 9.12

BREAD BASKET           Warm baguette with butter (serves 2-3) 4.12


Served with slice of warm naan flatbread.


SOUP OF THE DAY           CUP 4.12; BOWL 6.12

HOUSE SALAD     Organic field greens with carrots, cucumbers and choice of dressing SM 5.12; LG 7.12
Dressings: Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Gorgonzola, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette,

Olive Oil & Vinegar, Jalapeño Vinaigrette, Thousand Island.

MANGO CHICKEN      Diced chicken with crunchy celery and fresh mango in a hoisin-mayo

                                    over a bed of organic field greens with oriental coleslaw 8.12

QUINOA SALAD          Organic ancient complete-protein grain tossed with daily veggies

                                    over a bed of organic field greens 9.12

CHICKEN CAESAR       Chicken pan-seared in white wine over romaine lettuce tossed in house-made      Caesar 8.12


Served with Tuscan tomato soup, soup of day, house salad or house-made coleslaw.

TUNA MELT        With capers and Kalamata olives served open-face warm with sliced tomato and melted                           cheddar cheese on whole wheat toast 7.12

VEGGIE  BURGER 3 Grain veggie and black bean “burger” (soy-free) on a warm bun with field greens and                                     red pepper chipotle mayo 8.12

CHICKEN PARMESAN With house-made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on warm bun 8.12

JDQ                     Pulled pork with Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce and house-made coleslaw on warm bun 8.12

PIZZA MARGHERITA  Naan flatbread baked with house-made tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano 7.12 Add salami, black olives or mushrooms for 1.25 each.

DODICI BURGER    8oz. Grilled USDA certified chopped Angus chuck with lettuce & tomato on warm bun

                      and your choice of cheddar cheese, smoked gouda, mozzarella or pepperjack 9.12


Served with Tuscan tomato soup, soup of the day or house salad.

TORTELLINI BIANCO Stuffed pasta in a parmesan cream sauce with peas and prosciutto.

                                    Choose from beef, cheese or a little of both 8.12

RAVIOLI                      Classic ricotta and spinach filled ravioli. Choose with Rosé (house-made tomato sauce and cream), OR Rossini (house-made meat & tomato sauce with cream) 9.12

ALEX’S MAC’N’CHEESE Creamy cheddar, gruyere and parmesan with “cavatappi” pasta

                                      and topped with crispy bacon crumbles and chives 8.12


~Regular Desserts are also available~

TIRAMISÚ  •  CHOCOLATE TRIFFLE  •  PANNACOTTA with fresh lemon sauce

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