Intuitive Toe Readings – October 3rd & 4th

13 Sep

Are you walking your destined path?

Each part of the body records and holds the story of your life. Your toes are no exception. For centuries, many cultures have revered the feet as sacred. In recent times, toe reading has been
recognized in the West as an offshoot of reflexology with its own methodology and as its own intuitive and healing modality.

Rhanda Salameh is a master toe reader. She is also a licensed clinical social worker, business leadership advisor, ordained interfaith minister, speaker, transformational coach, healer and mystic. As a master toe reader, Rhanda finds great meaning in sitting at the feet of humanity in
service and celebration, helping you determine your next steps.

Rhanda will be in Washington on October 3rd and 4th!

The Passion Test Workshop—Monday, October 3 at Cafe Dodici, Washington, 10am – 2:30pm, $45 (includes lunch)

To register for The Passion Test workshop sponsored by Cafe Dodici in Washington,
contact Tsalika or Lorraine at 319-653-4012,


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